Short Daily Updates

18110909_1272548459460752_112842222_oHi all! Welcome to my daily update page, I created this because I only tend to do one or maybe two big blogs a month. This way though, you guys can keep up with the craziness of my life, with my first update starting tomorrow (08.05.17). I’ll look forward to sharing with you all🙈💜

08.05.17- Welcome to my first daily update! Today has been a difficult one, mental health wise. I had to cancel on my girlfriend because we were both feeling unwell, which is rubbish because we had the perfect day planned… but all good things are worth the wait of seeing her on Friday! My PA has cheered me up though, I can just see it being one of those demon days and devil nights… For now though, it’s back to the uni work! Doing this to share with you all makes it easier though and I really hope I can help anyone the best I can! Stay strong💖

09.05.17- Today’s been even worse than yesterday and I didn’t even know that was possible! My mind is on overdrive and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve cried! But, new blog is out now… so go have a look and enjoy reading! Tomorrow’s a new day💜