Short Daily Updates❣️

18110909_1272548459460752_112842222_oHi all! Welcome to my daily update page, I created this because I only tend to do one or maybe two big blogs a month. This way though, you guys can keep up with the craziness of my life, with my first update starting tomorrow (08.05.17). I’ll look forward to sharing with you all🙈💜

08.05.17- Welcome to my first daily update! Today has been a difficult one, mental health wise. I had to cancel on my girlfriend because we were both feeling unwell, which is rubbish because we had the perfect day planned… but all good things are worth the wait of seeing her on Friday! My PA has cheered me up though, I can just see it being one of those demon days and devil nights… For now though, it’s back to the uni work! Doing this to share with you all makes it easier though and I really hope I can help anyone the best I can! Stay strong💖

09.05.17- Today’s been even worse than yesterday and I didn’t even know that was possible! My mind is on overdrive and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve cried! But, new blog is out now… so go have a look and enjoy reading! Tomorrow’s a new day💜

12.09.17- First off, I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated in so long! It’s been crazy, I have been in a day service for my Anorexia and Mental Health, although I’ve learnt that relapsing happens at least every other day! My mood has been so up and down, even today so I can’t really pin point a single emotion for you all. Although, I hope that you are all doing okay. If you’re not, don’t forget you can contact me on here, or other details are on the ‘Contact Me’ page. Sending lots of lots of love and positivity to you all💕

25.09.17- Again, I am so sorry I haven’t updated this page in so long! Life is a rollercoaster at the moment. But seeing as I’m blogging based on today, I can tell you that I feel pretty positive for once! I am sure it is because my cousin has started working with me as my PA, when I’m with her I feel like I can do this whole life thing, so near enough a whole week together is me getting my life back on track and being happy, so I am so thankful she took the job and I am so lucky to have her. As always, if any of you need me then please remember to go on the ‘contact me’ page… none of you are alone! Keep going strong and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle✨

27.09.17- I missed out yesterdays update, sorry! Today’s a really bad anxiety day, the worst in so long! I get anxious over replying to anyone today, the thought of going out later is a very difficult hurdle! I don’t really know what to do to now to make it better, life is just too overwhelming for me today. Panic attack after panic attack and I just have to keep going. Is it bedtime yet? Hope you are all having a much better day than me, never loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel💞

01.10.17- not to be negative or anything… nut is it acceptable just to pretend that today never happened, that it’s all just a bad dream! I really hope tomorrow’s different and that you guys are all feeling a little bit brighter than I am. I’m going to hospital tomorrow anyway, so I’ll try my best to update you all on how it goes! New week, new start, right?💭